Release Agents

Release agents are a fundamental element in moulding processes, as they influence the productivity and the quality of the products.

Our range of products, synonymous of quality combined with the ease of application, represent the ideal solution for optimising the efficiency of moulding operations, maximising productivity, and improving the finish of the products. Minimising the buildup on moulds, thus reducing cleaning and maintenance operations.

Sustainability: we believe in a green chemistry that helps to reduce emissions and has maximum environmental protection. For many years we have been offering water-based, environmentally friendly release agents, and today we can also offer a series of eco-sustainable products developed with regenerated materials and/or materials coming from renewable sources, which can be classed as biodegradable.

Our product range includes:

All our products range offer excellent release even with difficult moulds.

Technology of Semi Permanent Release Agents both water-based and solvent-based

We offer the possibility of developing bespoke products and assistance to meet your technical needs and to help you to improve your production processes.

Applications of Marbo Release Agents


Complete range of chemicals and auxiliaries specially developed for polyurethane moulding.


Complete range of release agents, lubricants and anti-adhesives for the production of technical rubber articles.

Die cast

Products for die casting of aluminum, magnesium and zinc alloys.


wide range of highly technological products for the tire Industry; from the mixing room to the finishing.


Wide range of products that can be used in all composite manufacturing processes.


Complete range of chemical products for the footwear industry: mono and bi-density direct soling, unit soles, mid-soles.

Marbo satisfies the technical and production needs of customers

We work closely with each customer to find the perfect mould release agent.

We can offer a service to develop bespoke products consistent with your specific technical and production needs, and we provide regular and continuous technical assistance aimed at developing the application processes.

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