Paint products consist of a mixture of chemical components such as binders, pigments, dyes, and additives, which when applied in one or more coats, create a protective film which improves the aesthetic appearance of the substrate without altering its shape.

In addition to the aesthetic function, they also have protective properties as they create a layer that slows down the ageing of the materials (less degradation and slower the yellowing process).

Our range of paints are aimed at finishing plastic materials such as any type of polyurethane system, ABS, PS, SAN, PP, PC, PMMA, thermoplastic rubber and PVC, providing protection and finish in any type of colour from glossy to matt.

Some important characteristics of our paints:

Our laboratory, made up of a team of expert technicians, deals daily with the development of new formulations at the cutting edge of technology.

This along with the study of new finishes, colours and new application effects ensures we can satisfy the demands of the market driven by the fashion factor.

Thanks to the continuous research, we can offer a steady development of the finished products, both from a technological and environmental point of view, guaranteeing innovation and sustainability.

Application of Marbo Paints products

Vacuum Metallization and Plastic Materilas

Base and Top coats applicable by spraying, flow coating or dipping.


Complete range of chemical products for the footwear industry: mono and bi-density direct soling, unit soles, mid-soles.

Regular and complete technical assistance: Marbo puts the customer first

In addition to our production of the wide range od paint products, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly, we support our customers with regular and continuous technical assistance aimed to develop the application processes and to satisfy any specific needs.

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