In the 80s we decided to expand our range of products to offer more to our release agent customers by adding colouring pastes.

In the 80s we decided to expand our range of products to offer more to our release agent customers by adding colouring pastes.
The colour pastes are liquid dispersions of organic or inorganic pigments with the purpose of colouring the polyurethane and other materials, in the desired shade, or to create the right base for post-painting of the finished product.

Our Coloring Pastes comply with current regulations, made in ecological carriers, free from phthalates and heavy metals and with a low environmental impact, which guarantee a high-level of performance, as well as a series of important characteristics.

The total repetitiveness of the colour shades is ensured by our computerised production process and our high control standards.

Our colour pastes have been developed to guarantee the maximum compatibility with Polyurethane but they can also be used to pigment PVC, Rubber and Epoxy resins.
We have a wide range of colours appertaining to RAL, Pantone, and Marbo Colour System standards.

Our coloring pastes, synonymous with quality associated with easy application, are fluid and low viscosity and are the ideal ally for coloring in the mixing head through automatic dosing and for bulk coloring of the material.

They are developed to ensure maximum compatibility with the different materials to be pigmented (PU, PVC and RUBBER) and formulated in all colors according to RAL, Pantone and Marbo Color System standards, which are continuously updated.

Total repeatability of color tones are ensured by our computerized production and high quality and control standards.

We also provide customized solutions with on-demand coloring according to specific Customer requirements, and coloring pastes with Anti-UV additives, developed to slow down the physiological process of photodegradation that leads to yellowing of some materials.

Applications of Marbo colouring pastes

The different lines of colouring pastes in our range are highly compatible with all the polyurethane systems, whether they are polyether or polyester based, and can be used in various sectors: footwear, Automotive, furnishings, sporting goods, slabstock foams, rubber and pvc.


Complete range of chemicals and auxiliaries specially developed for polyurethane moulding.


Complete range of chemical products for the footwear industry: mono and bi-density direct soling, unit soles, mid-soles.

Production, sales and assistance: Marbo follows its customers in the development of their application processes

In addition to producing a wide range of high-yield coloring pastes with low environmental impact, and developing tailor-made solutions and bespoke colours, we support our customers by offering a regular technical assistance service.

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