A complete range of primary and auxiliary products that facilitate and ennoble the molding of all types of polyurethane.

Polyurethane is a widely used industrial polymer which, thanks to its versatility and to the different physical characteristics of its items, can be adapted for use in multiple applications.

Due to our decades of experience both in laboratory research and in the field, working directly in our customers’ productions, we have developed a complete range of primary and auxiliary products that enable the PU and facilitate its moulding.

Release Agents

Specifically designed to solve and optimise polyurethane moulding processes:

  • HR flex foams for automotive (seating)
  • Foams for acoustic back foaming
  • Integral Skin
  • Spray Polyurethane
  • Visco-elastic products
  • Rigid foams with different densities
  • Footwear, direct injection Mono e Two-density –
  • Soles – Insoles
  • Cast elastomers.
  • Microcellular PU

The portfolio includes products in different formulations to simplify their use and have a low environmental impact enhanced by reduced consumption and the search for eco-friendly raw materials.

Colouring Paste

High strength liquid dispersions of organic and inorganic pigments in carriers compatible with all polyurethane systems.

Used to colour the polyurethane in the desired shade. Dosing can take place directly into the polyol or into the PU mixing head.

To support our customers we create color formulations according to standards.

In Mould Coatings

In Mould Coatings are paints to be applied by spraying in the mould which, at the end of the polyurethane reaction, are transferred to the product.

Used to give to the moulded product the desired effect and improve the aesthetic by hiding possible defects coming from the moulding.

The Marbo product range for the IMC process includes:

Auxiliary Products


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