Production and supply of chemical products for the footwear industry.

The birth of polyurethane footwear is closely linked to Marbo, which with its high-performance release agents and paints with fashions finishes and effects, has helped its development to become a market leading world-wide business.

Our complete range of primary and auxiliary products, not only facilitates and ennables molding and finishing operations, but also improves their environmental impact thanks to the research and development of eco-friendly products;

  • Unit Soles in Polyurethane, Rubber, EVA, TR and PVC
  • Mono and dual-density direct soling (Pu/Pu; Rubber/Pu; Tpu/Pu)
  • Midsoles and Fussbet in PU or EVA
  • Slippers in PU or EVA

The wide product range includes products in different formulations in order to simplify their use and have a Low Environmental Impact enhanced by reduced consumption and research of eco-friendly raw materials.

Release Agents

Specifically designed to optimize the molding processes, to avoid any possible interference of the product on the surface of the materials and providing the desired finish. We guarantee perfect adhesion of the post-painting or post gluing.

The product range of Marbo Italia:


Liquid dispersions of organic or inorganic pigments in carriers compatible with all systems with the purpose of colouring the polyurethane and other materials, in the desired shade, or to create the right base for post-painting of the finished product.
The dosage can take place directly into the polyol or into the PU mixing head

To help our customers we realize colour formulations appertaining to RAL, Pantone, Marbo Colour System or customized.

The range of MARBO ITALIA products

Finishing paints

Used to give effects and finishing to molded soles in Polyurethane, Thermoplastic Rubber, PVC, ABS and polystyrene heels and wedges.
The range includes products for spraying or dipping applications, and with every degree of gloss: from high gloss to matt. The wide range of colors available is in accordance with the Ral, Pantone, Marbo Colour System chart or customized colours on request.

  • Spray paints
    generally applied with high productivity automatic systems but also suitable for manual applications.

  • Paints by dipping
    are applied with appropriate systems and the soles are dipped directly in the tank with the product.

The range of MARBO ITALIA products

Product Range

Paints for Thermoplastic Rubber and PVC unit soles

Ancillary Products


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