A complete range of release agents, lubricants and die casting pastes developed by Marbo Laboratories for high-pressure casting.

Since 1966 Marbo has developed a range of die casting lubricants based on its customers requirements, continuously improving through research and development over the last 57 years brought about a full range of products to suit today’s increasingly difficult die casting complexities from intricate tooling, specialty alloys magnesium/magsimal/castadut to environmental demands.

Covering all sectors in the market from automotive, aerospace, lighting and white goods.

Die lubricants and ancillary products for

  • Aluminium alloys
  • Magnesium alloys used for structural parts (MAGMISAL-CASTADUT)
  • Zinc alloys


Die Lubricants

Our highly advanced die lubricant range from a standard water base “DL” for the less complex parts moving up to the “DL Sint” range developed for high performance helping the customer improve quality, reduce outgassing, improve surface finish increased die life, improved solder protection and reduce online costs through higher dilution rates.

Plunger lubricants

The importance of lubricating the plunger and sleeve can never be underestimated, our highly technical plunger lubricants have been developed to ensure a smooth shot profile improving casting quality is achieved.

The range covers all of our customers needs from graphited and non-graphited oils and beads and eco-friendly water-based plunger lubricants formulated with eco sustainable raw materials from renewable sources.

Our range includes:

Auxiliary Products

Industires supported

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