Professional solutions to facilitate production processes and increase productivity in the composite industry.

Composites and advanced composites are combinations of different materials to obtain new and improved properties.

The moulding processes require high performance, multi release and zero transfer release agents.

Marbo has developed a wide range of primary and auxiliary products in different formulations with low environmental impact for the moulding of:

  • GRP
  • RTM
  • Infusion
  • Pultrusion
  • Rotational moulding

We divide our products into two large families

Semi-Permanent release agents

The product range is specifically developed to solve the problems of moulding and non-transfer of the release agent on the moulded parts.

These are used by the largest manufacturers of composite and advanced composite items

Sacrificial release agents

These have been developed to simplify the moulding processes by their easy and fast application.

To be applied at each cycle

We have developed a range of Ancillaries product to help the processes and facilitate the job.

Mould Sealer

Used to seal the porosity of the moulds, they help the release process, extend the life cycle of the mould, facilitating the removal of the build-up, and protect them during the storage periods.

HP Sealer

Designed to seal and ennoble very porous surfaces such as epoxy and polyurethane boards, MFDs, composite and chalk moulds

  • Available in clear or black finish
  • High covering power
  • High gloss
  • Application by cloth or spray



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