Release agents and Lubricants

We produce a variety of release agents suitable for materials and polymers, such as Polyurethane -Rubber – Metal die casting- Composite – EVA – PE and others, which require to be released during the molding process.

The entire product range is specifically designed by our laboratories, in order to maximize the moulding operation and minimize production rejects. One of the many advantages of our products is reduced production downtime for cleaning and maintenance operations due to reduced mould build up.

Our laboratories are mindful to protect the environment by pushing hard to develop eco sustainable products.

Our high quality release agents are easily applied by rag, brush or spraying.

Our release agents can be customized to help the technical and production needs of our customers.

In addition to the supply of finished products our technical support team can assist in developing optimal application processes to address specific customer needs.



Wide range of products suitable for all composites production processes.

pressofusione alluminio

Products for the high-pressure casting of Aluminium, Magnesium and Zinc alloys.


Complete range of products to assist in the moulding and coating of single and double density directly moulded soles, unit soles, midsoles and insoles.

metalli a caldo

An answer to your hot and cold forging processes.


Range primary and auxiliaries products, specially formulated for moulding polyurethane.

stampaggio gomma

Wide range of release agents, lubricants and antitacks for the production of compounds and technical rubber parts.

resine termoindurenti

Water based release agents, specially formulated for the moulding of thermoset and thermoplastic resins.


Range of release agents and auxiliaries for the tyre production; from mixing room to finishing line through building and curing operations.