Marbo Italia s.p.a. (hereinafter also the “Company”) is committed to protecting and respecting the personal data that we collect and/or are voluntarily submitted, provided or shared to/with us.

Accordingly, processing and security of personal data and information are safeguarded with great care by Marbo Italia s.p.a., in accordance with applicable Privacy and Personal Data Protection legislation (including the General Data Protection Regulation, E.U. 679/2016 (GDPR)).

Who will handle my data?

Your personal data and information will be handled, in its capacity as data controller, by Marbo Italia s.p.a, with registered office at Pogliano Milanese (MI) via Torquato Tasso, 25/27 (hereinafter also the “Data Controller”).

Why do you need my data?

Marbo Italia s.p.a. can use your personal information only for the following purposes:

  1. As Required By Law or Contract – handling of data as necessary and required for the purpose to comply with legal or contractual obligations of the data controller.
    Your personal information can accordingly be used without your consent, whenever this is necessary to comply with applicable Privacy and Personal Data Protection legislation, as well as any other laws, statutes or procedures approved by competent authorities or agencies.
    Your personal data will also be used to provide our services, such as, specifically:

    • delivery of services you may have required, including but not limited to, handling and processing of data related to operational and technical activity;
    • processing of job seeking notices and related review and hiring process;
    • processing of employees’ and temporary workers’ data, in accordance with applicable law;
    • interaction and relationship with public agencies and authorities as regards specific requests by the latter, and/or in compliance of applicable laws and procedures.
  2. As Required to Protect Rights in any Legal Proceedings. Further, your personal data are processed whenever necessary, to the ends of assess, exercise or defend any right of the data controller in any legal proceedings.
  3. As Required by the Data Controller’s Legitimate Interest. The Data Controller can use your personal data, without your consent, in connection with any proposed purchase, merger or acquisition of any part of our business, so that the buyer can review the same in connection with any due diligence activity and/or any activity related to the above prospect transaction, provided that we will share to these ends only those data that are strictly necessary, and, as much as possible, in a collective and anonymous format
  4. For any further purposes related to a specific request of the person concerned (such as issuance of visas with Italy, hotels’ booking, plane tickets, etc.)
  5. Your data may be handled and processed electronically, registered in data banks, and used strictly and exclusively for necessary purposes. In that the collection and use of your personal data is necessary to the performance by the Company of all our services as provided for in the contract, any such omitted, required communication shall prevent the delivery of the service at issue.

Marbo Italia s.p.a. shall handle and control the data, to the extent:

  • it is necessary to comply with applicable law and contractual obligations, pursuant to sub-paragraphs a) and b), above;
  • it is necessary to implement and pursue a legitimate interest of the Company (such as anti money laundry assessment, fraud prevention, safeguarding the Company’s strategic, business and commercial interests pursuant to sub-paragraph c), above;
  • and/or as per your consent

How will you use my data?

The Company is committed to protecting and respecting its clients’ personal data, and to use and handle the same correctly, lawfully, and with full transparency. Your personal data will accordingly be used by means of tools and procedures aimed at fully protecting their security and confidentiality, by use of archives, also in paper format, as well as digital, and IT media. Any notice about your data may be made by traditional media (e.g. mail or telephone calls), or electronically (e.g. fax, e-mail, sms).

In particular, we can also use and handle documentation by automated and remote electronic systems, and by online, on demand resources (i.e. cloud computing), such as backup service, synchronization, files archive and sharing (i.e. cloud storage). In particular, we can use media such as icloud, webtransfer, dropbox. The data controller shall ensure that personal data shall be transferred on any such platforms, compliantly with European applicable Privacy and Personal Data Protection legislation.

You will be in any event entitled to your right to object, which, in the absence of any specific instruction to the contrary, shall be referred to both traditional and digital notices.

How long can you retain my data?

Your personal data shall be retained, as of their collection, for a congruous period of time, consistently with the above mentioned purposes of use. For additional information, you can access the privacy webpage on

Will you share my data with any third parties?

Your personal data may be transferred to third parties to comply with obligations set forth by applicable laws, rules, European legislation, and/or pursuant to any requirement with regard to the performance of our contract.

Further, your data can be shared with any other company within the Marbo Group, and/or any independent companies, that cooperate and work with Marbo Italia.

For all the purposes set forth in this privacy notice, your data can be also transferred internationally, within or outside the European Union, in compliance with any and all mandatory requirements under applicable laws, and prior verification that the jurisdiction where data will be transferred offer “adequate” protection.

Data will also be processed by internal resources of other companies within the Marbo Group, that will be adequately instructed and trained, and that operate as authorized personnel for the use and processing of personal data and information.

We further inform you that, pursuant to Marbo Italia s.p.a. policy, all our email communications shall be stored at an outsourced system. Access to such data storage is permitted only to public authorities and agencies, as provided for by applicable law, or in case of legal or judicial proceedings.

Your personal data shall not be disclosed.

What are my rights?

At any time, you shall have the data protection right to request access to, correction, update, and/or deletion of your personal information; and any subsequent limitation of your consent to the processing of your personal information

You shall also have the right to object to the processing of your data:

  • if/when processed for a legitimate interest or need of Marbo Italia s.p.a.;
  • if/when processed for direct marketing purposes;

the portability right, i.e. the right to receive the same in a structured format, as commonly used, and readable by digital devise.

Lo Società prenderà in carico la Sua richiesta con il massimo impegno per garantire l’effettivo esercizio dei Suoi diritti. Infine, avrà il diritto di proporre reclamo all’Autorità di controllo nazionale (Garante Privacy).

May I withdraw my consent, subsequently?

Yes, you may revoke and withdraw your consent, provided that such withdrawal may not affect the process of such personal data otherwise established by the rule of law (e.g. any contractual or legal obligations of the Company).

I have more questions…

For any information about this notice and/or any privacy issue, or if you intend to enforce your rights herein or withdraw your consent, you may communicate directly to the persons referred to in the ‘Who will handle my data?’ section above. For additional information, you may also communicate to the following email address: