Who we are

In the Sixties, the evolution and growth of chemistry deeply transformed all our lives through the proliferation of plastic materials.

In this context, in 1966, Marbo Italia s.p.a. was founded. Since then Marbo has been at the forefront of technical innovation in its markets, formulating and delivering high quality products for molding processes.

Throughout these decades of activity, we have expanded and automated our production processes, increased our technical and sales assistance network, set up subsidiaries and local partnerships around the world, consolidated our leadership.

In our continuous effort to search for eco-friendly products, we have grown over the years through the acquisition of Mapol, Icopor and Levenit technologies, and through the creation of JV with highly qualified partners. All to pursue our aim of setting up a group strongly oriented towards customer satisfaction in which we offer a complete package of products and a fast and reliable service.

As well as leading in the footwear industry we are also present in many other industries such as:

PU Molding
Metal Die casting
Rubber Moldin
Vacuum metallization
Lacquers for plastic materials
Thermoset resin molding
With the professionalism, motivation and flexibility that have characterized our activities over the past 50 years, we offer ourselves as the best partners to meet the requirements of an ever-changing market. At the same time, we are always ensuring the utmost attention to quality, to the upholding of our code of ethics and to the environment and sustainability.

Quality and Certifications

Our team is focused on assuring product and service quality to our customers.

We constantly monitor the entire value chain: commencing with raw material quality controls, through production process supervision, to semi-finished and finished product quality control.

Our R&D laboratory is the core of our technology. It is entrusted to develop product ideas that meet the requirement of an increasingly dynamic and competitive market.

We constantly monitor and respect international and national safety and environmental legislation.

We have been quality certified 1993 to UNI EN ISO 9001 and since 2003 to environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001, we have also approved an organizational model 18001.

We have always been convinced that product quality, environment and workers safety are important competitive factors for the Company. This has involved the cooperation with certified suppliers to select materials that fulfill rigorous safety and quality standards.

Mission & Value

Our Mission is to support our customers in their growth and globalization process, through; continuous adaptation of our products, technological development, assuring quality, performance and respect for the Environment.

With a resolution of 2011, updated in 2016, our Board of Directors approved a Code of Ethics in accordance with legislative decree 231/2001 referencing employees, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers

We believe in the importance to work in accordance with any environmental.

and health and safety requirement. This is why we constantly invest in R&D in order to innovate products that are more environmentally sustainable. .

We also constantly invest in the renewal of production facilities, monitoring and constantly reducing energy consumption investing in low-power consumption equipment, and in reducing health risks to our workers by improving the safety of equipment and production processes

Marbo Italia spa is compliant with the new regualtion (EU) 2016/679 on personal data processing.