Our laboratories in the last decades have developed a very wide range of release agents and auxiliaries for the tyre production; from mixing room to finishing line through building and curing operations.


  • Water based environmentally friendly formulations
  • “Tailor made” products
  • Reduction of release agent consumption
  • Better tyre appearance


  • Batch – off antitacks

    Range of antitacks for rubber compounds in strips, sheets and pellets.
    Available in different concentrations in liquid, pre-dispesed and powder form

  • Release agents for building machine drums and bladders

    Water and solvent based semipermanent release agents for tyre building drums and bladders

  • Water based inside tyre paints

    Water based products for tyre curing, available in different concentrations, colours and viscosities.
    Standard filled paints, multirelease reactive paints and unfilled paints.

  • Water based outside tyre paints

    Water based outside tyre paints giving excellent rubber flow and air bleeding during curing process together with a superior finishing.

  • Bladder treatments

    Water and solvent based range of products suitable either for the pre-treatment of curing bladders or for their usage in standard production.

  • Water based semipermanent mould release agents

    Water based semipermanent mould releasets giving multiple cycles with just one application ensuring a better mould cleaning and a zero transfer on the tyre surface.

  • Lubricants for rims

    “Silicone free” lubricants for tyre fitting on rims. Suitable also for uniformity machines.

  • Water based repair and finishing paints

    Water based paint for tyre repair and finishing giving an excellent smooth surface together with oustanding flexibility and ozone resistance.

Application fields

  • Passenger;
  • Truck & Bus;
  • Motorcycle;
  • Agricultural & Forestry;
  • OTR;
  • Aircraft;

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