With a long experience acquired directly on the field we have developed a very wide range of release agents, lubricants and antitacks for the production of compounds and technical rubber parts.


  • Water based ecological and biodegradable formulations
  • “Tailor made“ products
  • Reduction of mould cleaning cycles
  • Better appearance of the parts


  • Batch – off antitacks;
  • Processing aids;
  • Coloured pastes;
  • Lubricants for hoses and shaped hoses;
  • Release agents for power transmission belts;
  • Release agents for technical parts moulding;
  • Release agents for latex foams;
  • Surface treatments for gaskets and profiles;
  • Products for recycled rubber crumbs
  • Auxiliaries

Batch - off antitacks

Range of antitacks for rubber compounds produced in strips, sheets and pellets. Available in different concentrations in liquid, pre-dispersed and powder form.

Processing aids

Internal lubricants which allow a better mixing process reducing time and temperatures and improve rubber flowing during moulding operations.
Liquid products for Vamac, in pearls for Viton and FKM and in flakes for HNBR.

Coloured pastes

Pigment dispersions in ecological plasticizers for rubber compounds coloration. Available in any RAL or Pantone colour.

Lubricants for hoses and shaped hoses

Water and solvent based lubricants for industrial hoses built on rigid mandrels and for hydraulic hoses built on PP, PE,Rubber and nylon flexible mandrels.
Biodegradable lubricants for NBR,CR,EPDM, VAMAC and Silicone shaped hoses for automotive.

Release agents for power transmission belts

Release agents for mandrels, moulds and curing bladders for power transmission belts production.

Release agents and lubricants for technical parts moulding

Water and solvent based semipermanent mould release agents for the production of technical rubber parts such as o’rings, gaskets,anti-vibration rubber to metal parts and shoe soles made by compression, injection or transfer.
Silicone free product achieving a huge number of cycles with just one application without any transfer on the moulded part.
To complete the range of product for moulding also temporay lubricants in liquid and gel forms for the assembly and fitting operations.

Release agents for latex foams

Biodegradable release agents for natural and synthetic latex foams used in the matresses and pillows production.

Products for recycled rubber crumbs

Release agents and coloured pastes for the production of floorings with recycled rubber crumbs.

Surface treatments for gaskets and profiles

Water based single component products for surface treatment of profiles , o’rings and gaskets allowing to reduce the coefficient of friction and to help the assembly.


Ecological mould cleaners and high performance anti-rust primers for mould storage.

Application fields

  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Building
  • Furniture
  • Appliances

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