Chemical specialties for footwear industry

We have developed a complete range of products to assist in the moulding and coating of single and double density directly moulded soles, unit soles, midsoles and insoles.


  • Decades of exceptional customer service and experience
  • Ease to use products
  • Bespoke formulations to suit customer needs
  • Technical assistance by experienced technicians
  • Possibility to supply a one-stop-shop of all your needs


A range of products specifically developed to allow problem-free demoulding of polyether or polyester based polyurethanes for all footwear applications.
The products are formulated to eliminate any possible interference of the release agent with the polyurethane, to make the surface appearance of the sole either glossy or matt and to ensure the perfect adhesion of subsequent operations of coating or gluing.
Bespoke formulations are produced to the user’s specific needs..

  • Concentrated solvent-free release agents
  • Water based release agents
  • Release agents in traditional solvents characterized by easy application
  • Water-based release agents for polyurethane or EVA
  • Release agents or semi-permanent multiple release for vulcanized rubber


The colour pastes are high strength liquid dispersions of organic and inorganic pigments in different highly compatible carriers with either polyester or polyether polyurethane systems. Used to give the desired colour to the polyurethane or to give a colour background before painting.
Dosed from 0.5 to 5 % into the polyol depending on the polyurethane system used or depending on your needs.
Suitable for in-head auto dosing or bulk pigmentation into the polyol, of all PU types. Colour formulations are manufactured according to standard RAL, Pantone, Marbo Colour System or customized.

  • Based and formulated colours in eco friendly non reactive carriers
  • Colours formulated with Stabilizer additives
  • Based and formulated colours in reactive and polyol based carriers
  • Anti-UV additives to be added as required


  • UV additives to prevent premature aging
  • Antistatic additives for safety footwear
  • Conductive additives for safety footwear and ESD approvals


Finishing products for polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber, pvc molded soles and abs heels and wedges and polystyrene.
The range includes products for spray applications and immersion (dipping), and all degrees of gloss, from glossy to satin to matt.
The variety of colours available is wide in accordance with RAL and MARBO COLOR SYSTEM; you can also create custom colours at your request.

  • Spray coatings

    Generally used with high speed automated production systems, but also suitable for manual application

  • Immersion coatings

    They are applied with appropriate plant. Soles are dipped directly into the product containing bath

  • Coatings for polyurethane soles
    • Covering pigment-based, PU CS series
    • Transparent soluble dyes, PU TS series
    • Immersion for special effects and high productivity, PU TIA series
    • Asportabili per effetti invecchiati
    • Removable for aged effect, ASP series
    • Soft touch to give grip and to feel rubbery, PU SOFT series
  • Coatings for thermoplastic rubber soles
    • Covering pigment-based, TR CS series
    • Transparent soluble dyes, TR TS series
    • Removable for aged effect, ASP / TR series
    • Soft touch to give grip and to feel rubbery, TR SOFT series
  • Coatings for PVC soles
    • Covering pigment-based, PVC CS series..
    • Transparent soluble dyes, PVC TS series S..
    • Removable for aged effect, ASP / PVC series
    • Soft touch to give grip and to feel rubbery, PVC SOFT series..
  • Varnishes for heels and wedges in polystyrene and ABS
    • Covering pigment-based, standard ABS CS series
    • Transparent soluble dyes, ABS TS series
    • Lining for leather strap effects, PS RI series
  • Auxiliaries and additives
    • Diluents, matting agents, leveling agents and metallic pastes for personalised effects


  • Shoe soles in Polyurethane, TR and vulcanized rubber, PVC
  • Insole made of polyurethane or EVA
  • Safety shoes, Trekking shoes, Casual shoes, designed for direct injection to the upper
  • Heels and wedges in ABS and polystyrene

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