Products for die casting aluminium, magnesium and zinc alloys:

Our range of “DL” die casting lubricants have been developed over many years for the high-pressure casting of Aluminium, Magnesium and Zinc alloys. These products meet the foundry need for better release, finish, metal flow and increase the quality of the casting and process efficiency.


  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Reduced soldering;
  • Better cycle times;
  • Better metal flow;
  • Reduced build up;
  • High finish;
  • Recyclable

Products Range

  • Die Casting Lubricants for Aluminium, Magnesium and Zinc
  • Protecting and Removing Pastes
  • Plunger Lubricants
  • Warm-up Lube

Water Based Lubrificants

The DL range of water based lubricants have been developed over many years to meet our customer requirements using the latest technologies available. Thanks to this research today our portfolio includes lubricants suitable for all the various alloy types: secondary, primary and feed.

Following the requirements of the Automotive Industry, we have developed new solutions for “structural “ and new “water free” technologies.

  • Standard quality
  • High Performance (HP)
  • Recyclable (RYC)
  • Structural Aluminum
  • Water free
  • Zamak (Water and Solvent based)

Coatings and Paste

Ancillary products can always help foundries to solve the various problems they meet during the die-casting process.

Therefore, we have the following range of products:

  • Coatings for ladles, thermocouples, thermocouple and filling channel;
  • Anti-soldering paste;
  • Protective silver paste for mould start-up;
  • Graphite grease for general lubrication.

Plunger Lubricants

Plunger Lubrication requires special attention and Marbo’s research team have produced a quality range of products to meet the industries requirements in this important area:

  • High performance synthetic neat oils
  • Neat oils with or without graphite;
  • Water based synthetic and mineral oil;
  • solid lubricants in micro beads (different diameter).

Warm-up Lubes

Our range of warm-up special lubes are new generation products, which are environmentally friendly, improves start up and reduces waste.

  • Water based
  • Neat oils

Ricerca e Sviluppo

Dy-co test and thermographic analysis:
  • With the aid of Dy-Co test technology we can calculate the cooling rate of our release agents and therefore offer customers the correct lubricant to meet their requirements;
  • Infra-red thermographic analysis is used to determine accurate die temperatures, therefore assisting in the correct selection of release agent, thus helping to improve production efficiency.

Application Fields

  • Automotive;
  • Transportation;
  • Home appliances;
  • Buildings.

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